Together, youth, women, and netizens hold the key to marketing in the Digital Economy. Today they rule marketing decisions

The game of advocacy is trending. Advocacy means when people speak for your brand, on your behalf. If a customer likes your brand and is loyal towards it, then he will do the advocacy of your brand by telling others about it. Some people do it because they like the brand, on another hand we have to pursue some to become advocates of our brand. Youth, women, and netizens are the mind, market and heart of advocacy and are the most difficult section to impress.

Youth makes the maximum of the population and are the mindshare of advocacy. They are the first to accept the new products. They have the courage to face new challenges and are always hungry for knowledge. They keep on looking at new aspects and are open-minded. Their curiosities attract them to experiment with new products. This makes them early adopters and trendsetters.

 Youth believes in the movement towards a digital lifestyle. They are game changers. They don’t only accept the changes, they believe in bringing one themselves. They welcome globalization and technological advances. To flourish in the market, it’s very important to convince them.

Women are the most influencing personalities and are the market share of advocacy. They are the multitasker and better managers. They are information collectors. They spent hours in reviewing a brand but if they like it once, they will be the most loyal advocates. They keep patience and do research with interest.

Women are the gatekeepers and thus they think about the whole family before buying a product. This makes them more confident about their purchase. They are financial officers, purchasing manager, and assets manager of the family. They pay attention to both popular and less popular brands. The role they play at home is now spreading to the workplace. To access even bigger markets, brands will need to get past women’s comprehension decision- making process. In fact, many products, services, and marketing campaigns have been developed specifically to impress women.

Netizens are the epitome of smarter customers and are the heart share of advocacy. They work towards the development of internet for the benefit of the larger world. They believe that the content on the internet is created by the people and for the people. They don’t shy away from sharing their opinion about a brand as they keep their identity anonymous.

Netizens are passionate and emotionality committed towards a brand, they become f- factor (followers, fans and friends) of that brand. They spread the word about the brand to different networks. A brand message will flow along social connections if it receives the netizens seal of approval. Netizens are spectators, joiners, collectors, critics, and creators of a brand. Thus, they are also considered the citizens of the internet.

It’s time to leave the past in the past, as gone are the days when these were in minorities. Today they rule marketing decisions.

Together, youth, women, and netizens hold the key to marketing in the Digital Economy.