Marketing is growing at a great pace, Everything is available just on a fingers tip, Well informed Audience is playing its game, Time to gear up with improved gain.

Connectivity is the new key to marketing. The web of digitalization is growing. It’s high time that marketing needs to welcome digitalization with its open arms, as they are the pillars of the same building. Connectivity lowers the cost and increases collaborations and co-creation. Connecting with customers and involving in customer participation is the key to survive. Mobile research while marketing is the new trend. Connectivity is not just bound to youth but plays a vital role in overall marketing strategy.

Connectivity can be online as well as offline. Online connectivity is about our friend circle on social media sites while offline connectivity includes family, friends, relatives, and people we meet in our regular life. Online ‘new wave’ coexists with offline ‘legacy’. It’s time for online-offline convergence. For example, many times television commercials behave as call to action for buying products online. Human and machines are shaking hands. Thus, the marketing too had to shake hands with both.

Today customers have become highly dependent on the opinion of others. Higher the words of appreciation for a brand, higher is its value in the market. Words of mouth are an important factor in marketing. Psychologically, it’s human tendency to accept the wisdom of the crowd.

‘Word of mouth’ is also known as ‘Advocacy’ and is the new definition of ‘loyalty’. Advocacy means advertising or speaking on the behalf of someone else. For example, if as a customer you like some brand, then you recommend it to others. This process is known as brand advocacy. As each coin has two sides, so does advocacy. Thus, advocacy can be positive as well as negative. It is often believed that negative advocacies often activate positive advocacies. These two make brand conversations interesting and engaging. Hence, it is good to have lovers as well as haters.

Today, marketing has a lot to deal with. Brands need to gear up and look at each aspect. Digitalization is helping in growing connectivity and connectivity leads to more information about a brand. Customers do a good research before investing in a brand. So marketing needs to make a sink with connectivity in order to gain customer attention.