Craftsvilla is an online marketplace offering unique Indian products and specializing in handmade, vintage, ethnic, organic and natural items. The founders, husband and wife duo Monica and Manoj Gupta, wanted to revive the traditional Indian handicrafts industry and help deserving Indian artisans. Travelling across the country, they connected with individual craftspeople to convince them of the benefits of having an online presence and of joining Craftsvilla. With the help of Google AdWords, Monica and Manoj were able to build brand awareness and credibility, enabling Craftsvilla to become a leading player in the ethnic product market. Participating in Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival also helped accelerate growth. The company increased its revenue from its online ads tenfold over a 12-month period, and Monica and Manoj believe this trend will continue. Craftsvilla is now using other Google products like AdSense, Apps, YouTube and Google+ to strengthen its business. “For us, Google is much more than an ad platform, it’s an important strategic partner,” says Manoj

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